Somali Studs

The Sorafel Studs: 

We currently have 3 active studs,

Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel (Fawn)


and His son Sorafel Zachary. (blue silver).


Zac at 11.5 months old

Tsailun Dylan,  (Fawn silver).  A nephew of Rurik, with the same happy temperament.

Dylan strolling down the back stairs to think about going in the garden or not…


Sorafel does not at present have open stud facilities but has stud pen which is used as a playroom in good weather. The boys live in the home with us. At present there are three boys



Sorafel Salvadore Dorian [ERoS]

who is the son of

van Doekosjka Sorafel Salvadore [ERoS] & Sorafel Reya Rosanna [ERoS]

DOB 20/1/2010 (63s) Usual Silver Carrying Sorrel

Salvadore joined us from the Netherlands as he was suitable for all the Sorafel Queens.

Dorian is a usual silver carrying sorrel and dilute and has sired several litters at Sorafel.  His son with Lexie des Cotons d’Akoya (Sorafel Vesuvius) will probably be staying on for now. Dorian only has one girl suitable for him at present and it may be time to hand over to his daughters Josephine and Leona.




Sorafel Zachary (blue silver carrying Sorrel) with his father Ruslan below.


Former boys who have contributed new genes are:

Goom Des Sables Bleus [ERoS]

usual silver carrying sorrel (Heterozygous silver)

Goom is our boy from France brought in to replace Salvadore. He is a very affectionate cuddly cat. He will not be shown as his mother nibbled his ears as a kitten. He is however producing nice type kittens with a clear silver coat. He is quite difficult to photograph as he prefers to be hugged and if called to look at the camera he dashes over to be picked up.


These photos do not do him justice.


Tagher Blue-Jacket (Jack) [ERoS]

A heterozygous Blue Silver carrying Sorrel .

(photo to be uploaded shortly)

Jack will be a good outcross for most of the Sorafel girls and will be a valuable addition to widening the gene pool. Being heterozygous (his father Baranchri Horus is a fawn) he will produce a mix of silvers and solids from the heterozygous silver queens. (all Sorafels are heterozygous silvers with the exception of Dorian). He produces good type kittens. It is possible that he will have one more mating at Sorafel in 2013, but as both active queens have had litters, and one of the princesses is related to him, options are limited to Zoe who has views of her own.

Jack had one litter with Leonora, which produced a litter of 8, all blue silvers. The kittens did not show the clear silver that was typical of Leonora’s previous litters.

Dorian and Goom live in the home with us. Jack lives with a friend who has stud pens.

Former studs:

Sorafel Silver Fox (Bertie) [ERoS]

DOB: 29/5/2009

Usual Silver (63s) carrying sorrel and dilute

PKDef and PRA Clear (normal)

parents: Tajura Kuckunniwi (63s) and Sorafel Leonora(63cs)
As Bertie is related to most of the cats at Sorafel, he had limited stud duties and lived in the home as a pet entire (and this is not a contradiction in terms). He has sired two litters with Polly. They made a good couple and produced nice kittens together. He now lives permanently with his co-owner in Berkshire where he has limited stud duties.

Bertie has a super temperament and is a perfect gentleman. Bertie is a clear silver with a lovely plume. He fulfilled his duties to Polly and produced a lovely litter of silver kittens, with good profiles/heads, all of whom have his superb temperament and manners. He is not at open stud as we do not have stud facilities (but arrangements can be made by inviation only to eligible queens) but lives in the home, and will only be used to friends approved queens. He is a modern man, and shares in nursery duties regardless of what relation the kittens are to him (offspring or full siblings) and is very tolerant of having kittens perched all over him.

He is very easy going, very gentle and likes most things.

Now one year old, and a father Bertie and Ben his 2nd son.

Bertie went to his first show the Bucks Oxon and Berks on 18/9/2010 and came away with an open first and AC silver male Best of breed and his first CC! He seemed to enjoy his first show and will be going with his sister Reya to another one shortly.

His second litter to Suptatoft Pollyanna produced 4 kittens (2 males 2 females) one each blue silver and usual silver. His blue silver daughter is staying at Sorafel, his blue silver son Columbus has gone to stud to Germany to Susanne Sahrbacher (Somalis Von Dashosawy) where he’s doing well on the show bench whilst waiting for is harem to call.

Bertie grown up at 2 years old, and now a grandpa!

Bertie now lives permanently with his owner in Berkshire