Somali Queens

The Current Queens:

Nahia, a usual silver carrying sorrel. (grand daughter of Sorafel Imogen)

Sorafel Josephine

Usual Silver carrying sorrel and dilute

Sorafel Desiree (a sorrel silver carrying dilute)



Retired Queens: 

Sorafel Imogen has passed the baton to her son (zachary) and grand-daughter (Nahia) to carry on this lovely line.





Sorafel Raya Leona

Sorrel Silver

Sorafel Talisman (Son of Leona/Rurik) went to Norway as a stud and his daughter Maalselven’s Damaspia (Maspi) is now here at Sorafel as a future queen. She is a usual silver carrying sorrel and dilute…


Nahia (pronounced Naya)






The Retired Queens

Tajura Tazanna (Bella) [ERoS]

neutered foundation queen


  • Butter croissant & salads and salad dressing (usually stolen when we aren’t looking) and chicken curry & microwave popcorn.
  • being groomed
  • running round the garden with little bunny bucks of glee
  • radiator bed


  • Children
  • Strangers
  • Dogs


The lap cat. The smallest cat in the house, and I think I can safely call her the top cat & Alpha Queen. Can be a little bit feisty at times but generally sunny natured. (New kitten, new carrier, something different can tense her up a bit). Gets on very well with Leonora so no real power struggle. Likes to play with tickler, balls and mice on string etc and a good pawballer. Silent mover, sleek and powerful runner, ensures I keep fit chasing her round the garden and just as I think I’ve caught her she changes direction and zooms back round the other way. it keeps the neighbours amused! Seems to think that I am the resident nanny and she helps me and Leonora with her kittens, not the other way round. She likes having Leonora around when she’s nursing but not the other cats.

Now ageing gracefully and lost her alpha status to her great great grand-daughter Harriet who although is purry and friendly has assumed the mantle and role of alpha queen.

Grandmother Bella & Grandkittens
Grandmother Bella & Grandkittens

Sorafel Leonora (Leonora) [ERoS]


  • PLAYING WITH WATER and Plugs in the bath
  • Most things except Whiskas
  • toothbrushes (mine)
  • re-arranging the wardrobe and drawers
  • She fell in love with the husband of a kitten buyer couple and swarmed all over him whenever they visited and has now gone to live with them with her grand-daughter…I hadn’t thought of rehoming Leonora but she was so obviously suited to the couple it made sense to let her go knowing she was going to a very good home.


  • being outdoors
  • strangers** (that’s what sofas are there for – to hide behind) (**until she met Justin and fell in love!)

Cute habits:

  • Her little MIEEEEEW of protest if she doesn’t like something in a really cute voice.
  • Flattening herself and giving a little peep from half closed eyes when she’s been naughty. It’s hard to say bad girl whilst giggling!


Posh, slightly aloof with strangers, affectionate and likes a short cuddle and occasionally jumps on a lap. The first cat to greet me when I get home but she has to kiss me not the other way round. Gets on very well with her mother as they are equals not rivals. It’s rare to see them disagree but it does happen once in a while but both turn away so neither loses faces. Getting a bit frustrated wanting some kittens.


Sorafel Caterina (Catya) [ERoS]

A gorgeous, friendly confident bundle of joy. Very easygoing, very affectionate.

Loves food and is always on the lookout for any snacks and it is therefore very easy to give her any medicine in tablet form….


Sorafel Juliana (Julie) [ERoS]

A good usual silver carrying sorrel. Has her father’s looks and mannerisms, is affectionate and purry and has character. Agile and maternal.

Seems to like most things, has a very elegant sphynx pose giving off superior looks. A nice girl with a nice purr.