Polly’s Litters

Litter 1 (B Litter):

Polly [ERoS] had her first litter to Sorafel Silver Fox (Bertie) [ERoS] on 15/4/2010

1 usual silver boy, 1 blue silver boy and 1 blue silver girl. (Ben [ERoS], Bill [ERoS] and Bonny [ERoS])

Litter 2 (C litter):

Polly [ERoS] and Bertie [ERoS] had a second litter of 2 usual silvers (Christopher [ERoS] & Caroussel [ERoS])


2 blue silvers (Columbus [ERoS] & Caterina [ERoS]),

1 girl and 1 boy of each colour.

Polly's Second Litter 01
Polly’s Second Litter 01
Polly's Second Litter 02
Polly’s Second Litter 02

Sorafel Columbus (Shindo) [ERoS] is now in his new home in Germany with Susanne Sahrbacher (Somalis von Dashosawy) [ERoS] where he will hopefully produce nice silver kittens for her silver line.

Sorafel Christopher [ERoS] (usual silver) is loving life in his new home

Sorafel Caroussel (ASTA)[ERoS] is enjoying life on the show bench with some success for her new owner Gemma Simpson and will be taking a break to become a mum.

Sorafel Caterina (Catya) [ERoS] has stayed on at Sorafel and will be taking over from her grandmother Sorafel Leonora as the next blue silver queen.

Polly has now retired from breeding but her line continues through 3 of her offspring.