Missing Cat & Departed Friends

This page is dedicated to all my feline pets who shared their lives with me.

Each left their own individual pawprint on my life. Each was unique and special.

Missing cat:



This is a photo of Amber who went missing in September 2003

It is highly probable that Amber has been adopted by somebody locally in Gloucestershire and if turned feral, is being fed by somebody.

Amber was seen for several months trying to come back home, and I was always contacted too late and given odd excuses. Amber was seen several times at the opposite end of the village near the football ground.

Amber’s microchip number is 958000000016828.

Note: Vets/Animal rescure shelters/animal welfare officers/environment officers: Please check the microchip between shoulder blades and further down her back.

Vets: If you are a vet and recall seeing this cat brought in for a check up/spaying etc please get in touch.

If you have seen her or have any information, please contact us so we can be re-united with our beloved and much missed pet.

Departed Friends:


Born: 14/2/1984 – 13/12/2001

Never a cross miaw in 18 years, RIP old friend! A perfect Gent to the very end, never any trouble, a loyal and very loving cat. Jetset  by name and by nature, this poor fella clocked up more motorway miles than a longhaul 747and never complained.  One university lecturer commented that he wished the human students were as well behaved in class! His memory lives on through Soshi (who has some of his mannerisms) and Raffles (another relatively silent male).


1974 – 1985

A feisty girl who gave no quarter! Sorely missed by many (but not her vet!). Definitely a one owner cat and scared everybody to bits.

Also remembering Antar and Whisky, Satan and Lucifer, Sukey (Lucy’s mother) and Lucien who shared my childhood activities with tolerance and fortitude.

Reyesdeselva Roxanna

So short a time with us but her memory will live on through her half sisters Eleanor and Pollyanna. her memory lives on through Reya Rosanna another sorrel silver girl.

Sorafel Bertilissima (Bonny)



Van Doekosjka Sorafel Salavdore

Born 20/1/2010.

A usual Silver carrying sorrel. PKef and PRA Normal (clear).

Salvadore joined the Sorafel family from the Netherlands. Many thanks to Helga Bruggink of van Doekosjka cattery for allowing this lovely boy to join us.

As all my female cats are related (mother daughter chain) or half sisters, it was quite difficult finding a male totally unrelated to any of them as the Somali gene pool is quite small in the UK and I wanted a male suitable for all my girls.

It took a long time to find the right cat that met the right criteria. I tried to acquire a male in the UK as an interim measure to create an outcross bu that did not work out. Salvadore fathered a usual silver son, Dorian, who will take over his father’s role. Dorian is a usual silver carrying sorrel from his mother Reya. He is probably homozygous silver but time will tell.