Leonora’s Litters

First Litter:

Sorafel Leonora [ERoS] had her first litter on 17th October 2007. All 4 kittens are usual silver, 3 girls and one boy

The sire Tajura Kuckunniwi [ERoS] is usual silver.

Leonora's First Litter 01
Leonora’s First Litter 01
Leonora's First Litter 02
Leonora’s First Litter 02
Leonora's First Litter 03
Leonora’s First Litter 03

Second Litter:

Sorafel Leonora[ERoS] and Tajura Kuckunniwi [ERoS] produced their second litter. They produced 5, 3 sorrel silvers and 2 usual silvers born 29/5/2009.

Sexes: sorrels 1 boy (Clark) 2 girls (Faith and Reya [ERoS])

Usuals: male Bertie [ERoS], female Lucy

All now gone and settled in their new homes.

Faith has gone to Jessica Hawkemoore where she is doing well both on the show bench and in the nursery.

Reya and Bertie stayed on at Sorafel.

Faith & Bertie
Faith & Bertie
Grandmother Bella & Grandkittens
Grandmother Bella & Grandkittens

Third Litter:

Sorafel Leonora [ERoS] and Tajura Kuckunniwi [ERoS] produced their third litter in May 2010.

all 7 kittens went to pet homes and were a mix of (all silvers) usual, blue, fawn and sorrel of both sexes