General Kitten Information

Full information about the cats/birth/Health tests are listed on this page.

The Birth:

All kittens are born in the home, and never intentionally un-attended.

The kittens are handled from day one by humans and felines alike as they have a resident feline “nanny” and “father figure” and are used to having a lot of kisses and cuddles. The kittens are never penned (unless the mother is anxious and wants the comfort of a “safe zone”, and so far the queen has been happy to share parenting duties with the rest of the household, especially when she has finished nursing them and wants a cuddle herself.

All my kittens are given a wide and varied diet. By the time they are ready to leave home at 13 weeks old, they would have consumed a whole range of foods, from cooked chicken/turkey and coley, to a wide variety of wet foods especially kitten Whiskas, Felix, Sheba and Hi Life and a whole range of Biscuits (Hills, Whiskas, Go Kat, Iams, Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved, as well as Tesco’s junior crunch, Purina and Pets at Home).

They are vaccinated for FCV/FVR and FIV leukaemia and chlamydia unless a kitten is reserved and the new owner specifically requests a different vaccine.

The kittens are always wormed and treated for fleas. They are registered with the GCCF (usually on the non active register but I do consider active). I don’t tend to microchip before 13 weeks unless requested by the new owner. All have been fully litter trained and scratching post and plant/knick-knack trained by the time they have gone to their new homes. If a buyer says they do not intend to register the kitten, want it as a pet only and have no intention of showing I declare the kittens to GCCF and provide a mating certificate and pedigree certificate to the new owner should they change their minds at a later date. All Sorafel cats are used to cars and generally go to sleep.

The new owners are also given a kitten pack which includes a kitten care booklet, 4 weeks free Petplan or Agria insurance, vaccination certificate, a pedigree certificate, a fact sheet, some notes on feeding habits and specific information about their particular kitten. (vocabulary understood, any funny habits, etc).

Health Tests and Checks: All the cats at Sorafel are tested/ancestry clear of PKDef and PRA, they are also tested for FIV/Felv and titre tested for coronavirus. Stools tests are done after worming and results are shown to prospective owners. I do regular tests for Giardia and TTF.  We have fortunately not had any TTF to date. If you are getting kittens from other catteries too, I would suggest you check their test results.

Sales policy:

Our kittens will only go to loving homes. We expect to meet with prospective owners prior to making any arrangements about their future. It’s a two way street. I have to be happy about the kitten’s future welfare, and you have to be happy with the conditions and way they have been raised (you will be shown their food bowls/litter trays/parents/relatives etc).

Payment terms: Kittens can be reserved with a non-refundable deposit, balance to be paid on collection via cash/transfer/Paypal or bankers draft.  Cheques need to clear before handover of documents. The deposit is only refundable if I have to change my mind for any reason (kitten being unwell/new owner revealing information or intentions not discussed prior to paying a deposit).

Rehoming: In the event that a kitten proves unsuitable, we expect to be informed and the kitten returned to us for rehoming. A proportionate amount of the purchase price may be refunded if appropriate once the new kitten goes to a new home. Older kittens are harder to rehome, and some may have encountered circumstances that make the choice of new home harder to find. For example: Gone to a home with dogs/children and suffered some trauma as a result.

We have fortunately not had many kittens needing to come back.  A couple of returns have happened due to no fault of the cat (one due to the kitten being bullied by older established cats all entire males and he subsequently joined another Sorafel in a new home and has been happy ever since. Another when the kitten’s behaviour changed after owner’s work shifts changed and he was left alone for long hours. He too settled in with a retired couple who were around the whole time and all are purring away.

Most of our kittens are sold by referral from a previous happy owner so we suggest that you contact us early if you think you may want a Sorafel kitten. Most are pre-booked so it is not often that we have a large set of spares floating around. We are small scale hobby breeders and tend to have a litter a year on average from each queen. We are sometimes lucky and have 2 queens kitten around the same time and have lots of little paws racing around, but that is very rare.

We do not ship our kittens via courier in the UK. We like you to come and collect them with an appropriate pet carrier. You will need one anyway to take them to and from the vet, to holiday homes/catteries etc. In some cases we are prepared to deliver the kittens to you.

For cats going overseas, we can recommend or point you in the direction of a reputable cat courier. It is your responsibility to ensure you can receive your pet.

Disruptions to travel:  Due to covid disrupting flights and schedules, we are more than happy to keep your kitten here until they can travel.  As the UK is no longer part of the EU pet passports are no longer issued and different travel documents are used for different destinations. Many depend on first point of entry into Europe so it makes a difference if entering via a sea port or airport.

Prior to handing over the  kitten, we produce a check list and expect the owner to be to be happy with what they are going home with. This will cover physical attributes etc (profiles, teeth, nose, ears, mouth, tarnishing of the silvers if any), 4 weeks free Petplan or Agria insurance, We also go over all tests carried out and the results (no kitten would go to a new home if not fit). We cannot guarantee any kitten is suitable for showing but can point out anything that may lose points on the show bench. Kittens leave for their new homes when they are ready which is after completion of vaccines/worming/health checks at 13 weeks. We will under NO CIRCUMSTANCES allow a kitten to leave before they have completed their vaccination course or to suit a human’s diary (I want to get it at the same time as the other kitten/It’s my child’s birthday / I promise I’ll do the second vaccines if you let me have it early/ etc). 

Retired queens:

All Sorafel cats stay with me for the duration of their lives. Exceptions arise due to individual circumstances when a new home is sought. This is the exception rather than the rule.

Any cats needing a new home will be listed on the current kittens page.