Current Kittens & Planned litters

WE HAVE KITTENS (2 litters)

Nahia has had a litter of on 7/12/19.  usual boy and girl, both reserved

sorrel silver girl (available)

More info later.


2) Sorafel Josephine has produced a litter of 3 kittens,1 boy and 2 girls

Born 17th August 2019.

Usual silver boy (Dylan), (reserved)

fawn silver girl (Desdemona) (gone to new home)


sorrel silver girl  (Desiree) girl (optioned) available due to a time waster


There is interest in the usual silver boy and the fawn girl. (both sold)

They have had their vaccines. I vaccinate for chlamydia and leukemia too. GCCF registered,  and all docs ready.

The kittens come PKDef/PRA clear lines.

Kittens will be GCCF registered, and come with pedigree documents/vaccination certificates/transfer certificates and health check. Parents medical history is available upon request (boring and normal history luckily).


Damaspia had a single usual silver girl (Eugenie) on 14th September.

Here she is posing with a friend



The last photo is of the father Ruslan (Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel) with his only daughter from his previous litter).

Current Kittens


Nahia  produced her first litter of 3. (all 3 have now gone to their new homes)

1 sorrel silver girl a blue silver boy and usual silver boy. 31/3/2019


There is interest in some of the kittens. the usual silver boy is available, the blue is reserved the sorrel girl is optioned

the two boys playing onthe stairs with their mother unsuspecting they are 9 weeks old tomorrow and heading for their first vaccines…

Ruslan and his loving daughter

Current queens

are Josephine, Leona, Nahia and Damaspia.

future studs:

We have a young prince waiting to take over stud duties.

Zac at 11.5 months old
Nahia (Usual Silver) and Apollo (fawn silver) with Leona on the sofa


previous litters (all in their new homes)

Litter one: Damaspia Had a litter of 2 boys, 1 fawn and 1 fawn silver

born 23/6/2018.

Sorafel Josephine and Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel produced a litter of 4 on 29/7/2018

2 usual silver girls, 1 fawn silver girl and 1 sorrel silver boy.

1 usual silver girl is optioned and I may keep the fawn silver girl.


Previous litters: 

 Sorafel Imogen and Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel  have 5 babies

born 23/3/2018.

3 girls (Zara, Zahra and Zina), 2 boys (Zachary and Zebastian). All are now happily settled in their new home.

Zachary will be staying on at Sorafel as a future stud.

all blue silver


48 hours old 

the kittens will be vaccinated with Purevax 5in1 and will be stronghold treated, wormed, and ready to go to their new homes 3rd week June.


Zachary with dad Ruslan

Damaspia produced a litter of kittens on 23/62017,

usual silver, fawn silver boy and fawn boy. The fawn kitten is available. The fawn silver is staying at Sorafel.

She handed over responsibility to her grandmother Leona who is raising the kittens as her own.


A deposit is required to reserve a kitten.  Balance on collection by (cash/transfer/ paypal). It’s a hobby and I don’t take cards or cheques (unless by prior arrangement and cheques need to be cleared into account).

Future Litters

Kittens Due shortly 

Sorafel Josephine and Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel are expecting an imminent litter (due before end July 2018)

Previous litter included usual and sorrel silvers.

 litter born 23/4/2017

sorrel silvers (boys) and a usual silver all boys (all 3 reserved)

Litter born 4/5/2017. Parents Sorafel Ophelia and Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel

2 usual silver boys (one reserved) 1 blue silver girl and 1 blue silver boy


Imogen defied the contraceptive and produced her litter of gorgeous cuddly babies

3 girls (1 blue silver 2 usual silvers) born 15/6/2017. One girl reserved. 2 available.

All the parents and breeding cats are tested (or ancestors) PKDef/PRA clear, and all the cats have been recently re-tested for FIV/FeLv negative (clear) .

All new arrivals get a full health screen (including Coronvavirus titre count).

Final litter of 2016


are proud to announce the arrival of their 2 daughters and 1 son,

born between Xmas and Boxing day. 

One girl is available and ready now, the other two have gone to their new homes,

imos4sofa ulyulr1 ophurs1

The older kitten Sorafel Ophelia is a full sibling from the same parents. She will be going to Japan in May.


3 sorrel silver kittens born 24/9/2016 to Sorafel Raya Leona (sorrel silver) and Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel (fawn)

5wks9 5wks4 5weeks7

All 3 have gone to their new homes. The male Sorafel Talisman has gone to his new home in Norway and I will update his photos in his new home shortly.

They are vaccinated, wormed, treated with Stronghold, GCCF registered, and will come with pedigree certificate, vaccination certificate, 4 weeks petplan or Agria insurance and GCCF paperwork.

They are weaned, eating a mix of wet and dry, litter trained (when not to busy to look for it) and a bundle of joy.

All Sorafel Cats are PKDef and PRA clear (tested or ancestry clear).

Both parents are tested FIV/Felv clear.

Next planned litters

A) Lexie and Ruslan (sorrel silver and fawn)

B) Josephine and Ruslan (usual silver/fawn) (Mating has taken place so watch this space)

C) Ivory and either Dorian or Ruslan, probably her last litter. (Mating has taken place, watch this space)

Ivory is our oldest queen and will be rested for a while before she is mated again. Hopefully Spring 2017. I have a breeder restriction on first generation kittens so her daughters Josephine and Leona will take over from her in due course.

I am expecting new litters before Easter as the felines have been active.

Sales Policy: We require a deposit to reserve a kitten which is non-refundable in the event of the new owner changing their minds. The deposit is refunded if the change is from our side for any reason (kitten sustaining an injury/showing a dislike of children if it’s going to a home with children, developing a show fault etc) or general concern about the well-being of the kitten.  The potential owner could be offered an alternative kitten if one is available but is under no obligation to take it. We reserve the right to refuse to sell a kitten without giving a reason.

The first litter of 2016

Sorafel Josephine & Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel produced a first litter for both of them on 25/3/2016.

All usual silvers, 1 boys one girl. (Sidney and Sandra)



Imogen and Dorian had a litter of 4, 3 usual silver boys and a usual silver girl. The three boys have gone to their new homes and one girl is available. (Orpheus, Oleander, Oleg and Ophelia). Ophelia is currently optioned.


Harriet and Ruslan had a litter of 3 gorgeous babies. 2 blue silvers (boy and girl) and a blue girl. They will be ready to go to their new homes mid August.

harkits5 petrona1 2harrykits

Petrov growing up and turning into a water baby

petsink7 p1020190 petsink10

The finale of 2015

Ivory and Dorian are pleased to announce the arrival of their second litter of 5

Born 6th December 2015

2 girls, 1 sorrel silver, 1 usual silver. I may keep the sorrel silver girl.

3 usual silver boys reserved, 1 usual silver girl reserved. They will be joining their new families the first week of March and April.

Mother and babies are doing fine

Older sister Jossy was so fascinated with the whole process she decided she’s next.. (see planned matings further down the page) – but some of the others seem to have beaten her to it!

12 hours old
12 hours old

12 hours old, and doing well.

Dorian with Kittens
Dorian with Kittens


Ruslan with Kittens
Ruslan with Kittens

Ruslan babysitting 4 of the 5 with the father taking a break

Kitten Plans 2016

Exciting times ahead with Ruslan now grown up and Ready willing and able to stand alongside Dorian as the second Sorafel stud. He is (like all Sorafel breeding cats) PKDef and PRA clear, and has tested clear for FIV/Felv. He is the first solid in many years and it is hoped he will bring back the fawn silver into the cattery in the future.

Recent  Matings

Ruslan (Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel) and Jossy (Sorafel Josephine) had a successful mating and will have their first litter in March.

As a first litter, I’m guessing they’ll all be usual and possibly sorrel, and probably all silvers.