Adults for Rehoming

It sometimes becomes necessary to rehome an adult cat. It should not be assumed that a retired queen is automatically rehomed because she is no longer breeding, as the real reason may be totally different. A neutered cat can lose her position in the pecking order making her a target of bullying by the younger queens etc so it’s always worth asking the reason.


Damaspia (usual silver) is looking for a new home. Please contact me for further information.


I may need a new home for a 6 year old who needs to be on sensitive diet so a pet home with either cats on a sensitive diet or only cat home would be ideal.  It may be the sensitive diet is temporary not a permanent solution.



Ruslan joined Sorafel with the dual aim of getting fawn silver back into the lines as well as a mate for Dorian’s daughters Josephine and Leona. It is likely that he will be replaced by his and Imogen’s son (a blue silver carrying sorrel) in 2020.




We occasionally have/know of older cats/kittens for rehoming. It sometimes happens that a new owner cannot keep their cat/kitten for various reasons (new baby/overseas posting, change in circumstances etc) and ask for help in rehoming. (both sexes).


It is worth asking if you are interested in an older pet cat as we may sometimes be able to put you in touch with one!

A rehoming fee will be required and is non refundable. Please be sure you do want a cat before enquiring.  The cats are fully health checked prior to going to a new home and tested.  If an adult cat has to be returned for any reason, a partial refund may be offered when a suitable home is found. Cats need to be returned with all the paperwork supplied on adoption.

Historical news: 

Retired Queens: 

Ivory and Lexie have both done their bit and have retired from breeding.

Ivory’s daughters Josephine and Leona carried on her line, Josephine’s daughter Desiree will carry on her mother’s bloodline as Jossy will retire from breeding in 2021.

Imogen too has done her bit and produced a son and grand daughter to carry on her line. Zachary and Nahia.





Sorafel Talisman (Sorafel Raya Leona and Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel) went to his new home in Norway in February where he has already sired a litter of 3 kittens.

Sorafel Petrov Henry (Blue silver) and Sorafel Ophelia (Usual Silver) have arrived in their new home in Japan and are settling in nicely.

Petrov (Sorafel Harriet X Sable Klan Rurik of Sorafel)

and Ophelia (Sorafel Dorian X Sorafel Imogen).