About Sorafel

We got involved with Somalis (the semi-long haired Abyssinan) when we were looking for a half Abyssinian to replace Amber. We could not find any 1/2 Abyssinans or Abyssinians when an advert for a Somali caught my eye. This was the birth of SORAFEL SOMALIS.

Sorafel was created from the first letter of the names of the first 3 cats, Soshi, Raffles, Eleanor.

Raffles & Soshi
Raffles & Soshi

The Cats

Currently 2 studs  Zachary (blue silver), Ruslan (fawn)

& 3 queens, Josephine (usual silver), Nahia (Usual silver) and Desiree (Daisy).

Josephine will be retired from breeding in 2021. Her line will carry on through her daughter Desiree.

The Somali Silver Line is descended from Tajura Tazanna (Bella) a fawn silver which has meant we’ve had to buy in unrelated bloodlines. Both Reya and Bertie (Sorafel Silver Fox) Bella’s grand-kittens have descendants at Sorafel, Reya’s son Dorian is our main stud and Harriet and Imogen are Bertie’s grand-daughters.

Raffles and Soshi were chased out of the home by Leonora and won’t come in at all now, living with neighbours and occasionally coming to the front door for a quick chat.

The Somalis are primarily pets, they don’t have to be show cats or breeders. They do have to be cuddly and fun to handle and be able to live together in harmony (yes, there is the occasional tiff but nothing major). Our breeding is a hobby and is meant to be fun (it’s hard work but fulfilling). The cats live in the home and are part of the family (both males and females). The numbers crept up somewhat which was never the intention and we are hoping to keep them at the current level. (famous last words).

We did not set out intentionally to breed silvers. It happened by chance. Our first Somali was a sorrel and the second was bought as a fawn (solid) but turned out to be a silver. We didn’t keep a girl from the sorrel and her second litter produced one boy and that was the swan song. Bella produced Leonora, a blue silver who turned out to be a prolific breeder and only produced silvers. Leonora’s father was a blue.